About Us

Yerang company is based on the natural demands of the market. It is a secure, link between varnish and paint manufacturers and consumers in Armenia. We are always ready to help customers by giving qualified advice, and holding a mini-seminar before work. In addition to the high quality of the product, the skill of handling it correctly is also essential. 

We offer exclusively high-quality, environmentally friendly products. The range includes paints, enamels, primers, absorbents, varnishes, putties, and stains produced in the USA by Sherwin-Williams, the world’s largest company. The main imported brands are Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy, Minwax, H&C, and Krylon from the USA, as well as the ALTAX production produced in Poland.

Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy brands offer a range of high-quality Eco-friendly, architectural, and industrial paints, primers, and enamels, with which you can achieve any color solution.

The Minwax brand has a wide selection of varnishes and wood absorbents in its assortment, which are ideal for floors, thick wooden surfaces, terraces, and boards. These products resist the load, protecting the surface from injuries, chemicals, and floor care products.
The products presented under the H&C brand are designed to protect stone and concrete structures from the chemical and physical effects of the external environment, extending their service life period and maintaining their appearance.

We also present a wide range of industrial floors manufactured by Sherwin-Williams in Great Britain for pharmaceutical, food, educational institutions, and public spaces.

The presented assortment has appropriate European certificates according to the field of use. The strictest ecological norms and standards are applied to all lacquer materials.