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Dutch Boy DIRT FIGHTER Flat Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel Paint + Primer

With long-lasting durability, Dutch Boy Dirt Fighter® Paint & Primer provides a washable and spreadable finish for cleaner, lower-maintenance surfaces. Apply it directly to most surfaces, including bare drywall, without the use of a separate primer.

Dutch boy CLASSIC ONE Flat Interior Latex

Classic Performance Every Time. For a paint that is simple to use and looks great, try our dependable excellent coverage and easy-to-apply Classic One.

Dutch boy Kitchen And Bath Latex Enamel Paint

High-moisture areas of your home demand a different kind of paint, and Dutch Boy® Dura Clean® Kitchen & Bath Interior Paint + Primer with Moisture-Resistant Technology is the solution you need. This premium paint is designed to protect your walls from frequent exposure to water and humidity. Even better, it also provides an exceptionally durable, mildew-resistant coating with outstanding hide and coverage which ensures that your finish stays beautiful longer. Dura Clean Kitchen & Bath Paint + Primer is available in the easy-to-use Dutch Boy Twist & Pour® container.

Forever Flat Interior Ultra White

Dutch Boy® Forever™ Interior 100% Acrylic Paint + Primer with Stain-Blocking Technology offers advanced stain-resistance to block common household stains. Forever™ coating features exceptional hide while providing a mildew resistant finish. Together with Arm & Hammer™ Technology, Forever™ Paint + Primer contributes to the reduction of common household odors and creation of a more beautiful environment. View Color

Dutch boy Forever Flat Interior

Bringing depth and character, this product adds an old world elegance and sophisticated style.
  • The sophisticated style of Venetian Plaster
  • An easy way to add depth to your room

Dutch boy DIRT FIGHTER Flat Exterior Acrylic Latex

Dutch Boy® Dura Clean® Exterior Paint + Primer with Dirt-Resistant Formula is your go-to choice for an exterior finish that stays beautiful year after year. Designed to resist the damaging effects of a hot summer sun and harsh winters, Dura Clean® Paint + Primer also provides extra protection from humid weather conditions thanks to its mildew-resistant coating. In addition to these weather-ready safeguards, Dura Clean® Paint + Primer delivers the performance, coverage and quality you need to make your exterior paint project easy to do and as long lasting as possible. Available in the easy-to-use Dutch Boy Twist & Pour container.

Dutch boy Door & Trim High-Gloss Ultra White Base

Whether you're adding a pop of color to your kitchen island or refreshing tired moulding and trim, Dutch Boy® Dura Clean® Cabinet, Door & Trim Interior/Exterior Paint + Primer with Smooth-Finish Technology is the premium paint you're looking for. Designed for the demands of these unique projects, this highly durable, scratch-, scuff-, and weather-resistant 100% acrylic enamel not only stands up to everyday use but also provides an ultra smooth, high gloss, lustrous finish. In addition to providing a mildew-resistant coating, Dura Clean® Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint + Primer features excellent adhesion, resistance to peeling, and a non-blocking formula that prevents windows and doors from sticking to framework. Available in the easy-to-use Dutch Boy Twist & Pour® container. View Color